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Clean Safe Sustainable Futures (Pty) Ltd (CSSF) hinges on environmental sustainability and was born from an abundance of passion for a sustainable future for everyone. CSSF is a one-stop-shop for a healthy, clean and safe environment. All our services are tailor-made to meet individual company needs.


Our team comprises of highly experienced individuals who are dedicated to give you value for money and a clean, safe environment. Having started with a few simple cleaning, we have now extended our reach to corporate cleaning services, gardening and landscaping, garden maintenance services, window cleaning services in Johannesburg, South Africa. CSSF has exceptional strengths in ensuring timely and reliable delivery of services. We aim to partner with our clients to achieve their organizational excellence.

All our services are tailor made to meet individual company needs.

Our team comprises of highly experienced individuals who are dedicated to give you value for money and a clean, safe environment.



• Providing an outstanding service to our clients in order to build a long term relationship;
• Giving our clients an unfair advantage over competition;
• Providing competitive benefits to our employees;
• Partnering with communities from where we operate to achieve corporate social responsibility goals for CSSF and the clients.


Our goal is a sustainable, clean and safe environment for everyone.


  1. Trust Relationships
  2. Service Excellence
  3. Employee Satisfaction
  4. Clear Communication


  1. CSSF- the ultimate solution enabling a clean safe environment Services

From the Director

A sustainable future is only a dream until everyone in his or her niche take an initiative to contribute towards sustainability. While we may quietly think it is the responsibility of scientists, engineers and researchers to develop a solution to save us from the climatic time bomb, we are all supposed to do something. CSSF have decided to partner with you so that together we leave a positive environmental footprint.

Nkanyiso Mlalazi was born and raised in a village. She has strong environmental ethos. She appreciated and understands the beauty of nature and God’s creation. She thrive to help everyone understand the importance of a social, economical and ecological sustainable environment. She wish to plant a Moringa tree in every garden.

Nkanyiso Mlalazi
PhD (cand) Environment Analytical Chemistry, Business Development Manager, Clean Safe Sustainable Futures
e. info@cssf.co.za | t. +277 85 67 6224 | www.cssf.co.za

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